Polyurethane Foam​

Polyurethane foam (PU) is a combination of 2 materials namely Polyol (which has been mixed with gas) and Isocynate. Both materials are mixed in a 1: 1 ratio to produce stable PU. The density of PU depends on the amount of gas mixed with Polyol. Thermal conductivity (k-value) depends on the density of the material. The more dense the material is, the higher the k-value will be, which will cause it to become less of a good heat insulator. The k-value should be between 0.0200W / m.K- 0.0290W / m.K

PU is used as a heat insulation material to prevent condensation problems from happening by controlling the surface temperature of the concrete slab wall to be higher than dew point. Dew point is a specific temperature value where air vapor is converted into water. The use of PU will reduce heat transfer from the outside (heat) to indoors (cold temperatures) for a room or space that uses air conditioning for 24 hours.

This product can be used in hospital buildings, health clinics, computer floors, control rooms, rooftops, apartments and condos, or any room with 24-hour air conditioning. The use of PU will also save electricity usage for air conditioners by reducing heat transfer from the outside and the room is always cool.